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“JUST IN TIME”: immediate interventions are a must

Temperature is an extremely critical factor for many products (food, pharmaceutical drugs).

To prevent costly production downtime and to preserve the cold chain, it is absolutely essential for us to provide a fast and efficient technical support.

We are able to do that thanks to 3 key factors:

  • A highly skilled and experienced technical staff (with more than 35 refrigeration technicians patented for the handling of FGAS (fluorinated greenhouse gases) and ammonia and qualified for braze welding)
  • A wide and highly equipped fleet of corporate vehicles available to customers on the territory (in Italy and abroad), which are essentially like “mobile workshops”
  • A head office service centre that organizes and coordinates the service tasks, analysing the level of priority of the emergencies reported and that is in constant touch with our technical staff, in order to have real-time updates on how requests for maintenance are being handled and make sure they are processed successfully.


Besides handling emergencies, the main activities of our Customer Service include:

  • Scheduled maintenance visits, during which all the components of the refrigeration units are regularly and rigorously inspected, so as to prevent and minimise emergencies
  • Visits to measure any freon gas leaks in accordance with the applicable laws and regulations, using certified leak detectors to identify and promptly repair even the slightest possible leak of gas, so as to prevent emissions into the atmosphere (with the results reported in the Plant Registers and official declarations submitted annually to National Authorities)
  • Retrofitting of plants working with outdated refrigerants no longer approved according to law – we strongly recommend having your system retrofitted if it is still working with HCFCs (i.e. R22), which are now in complete phase-down (disposal). We perform the retrofit without any production downtime so that you can continue to operate your plant and avoid interrupting the cold chain
  • Calibration of probes with certified instruments (thermometers/thermos-hygrometers) according to the national regulations so that the temperature and relative humidity of the utilities/refrigerated premises are always set correctly
  • Thermo-hydraulic service linked to technical support (i.e. special water treatment; boiler maintenance)
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IRefrigeration plant industrial refrigeration systems - assistance guardianremote technical support to solve your problems quickly and efficiently

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Guardian, our supervision and remote-control system, acts as a communication bridge between our CED and the plants we manage throughout the territory.


Guardian guarantees:

  • Continuous monitoring of your systems with 360° connectivity using the most modern digital lines
  • Alarm detection and instant resolution
  • Alarm resolution from remote without having to send staff on site >
    Cost savings of 50%
  • Alarm log analysis always available, so as to optimise your plant’s operation


The alarms we have to solve most often involve adjustment of the temperature of utilities, the defrosting system, and the set of compressors and condensers.



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Overhaul of all types of compressors

Freddo&Co., thanks to a workshop fully stocked with any kind of plant component, can disassemble, repair and overhaul your compressors.

We maintain:

  • more than 200 compressors per year
  • Main serviced brands: Bitzer, Howden, DWM Copeland, Mycon, Sabroe, Dorin, York
  • Versions: screw, reciprocating; open or semi-hermetic
  • Spare parts: original parts from stock, which ensure pick-up and delivery at the Customer’s premises in the shortest possible time
  • Oven painting
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Our staff is always at your disposal

Thanks to the passion with which we do business, our Customers know they can always rely on a highly specialised and close-knit team.


Our team of engineers and technicians has undergone extensive training and regularly updates its know-how by attending refresher courses in the mechanical, electrical, electronic, thermo-hydraulic and energy sectors. This helps them have the know-how that is essential in providing superior service and to fine-tune their specific knowledge of the “cold production and management” industry, in light of the complexity and specificity of each refrigeration unit. This is achieved by organising regular training sessions for our staff members, from professional courses that are essential to their line of business, to courses about the latest legislation, to mandatory safety requirements and the efficiency of organization processes.


The reason why our team is so united lies in the valuable exchange of know-how between its senior and junior staff members.


But the true school par excellence is and will always be our Customers. Their different and always challenging requests, which we try to process by providing the latest and most modern technology, are the real arena for us to improve and grow, and they drive us to pursue continuous innovation.

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